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By Cris Kellett Posted 29.07.2019

During your appointment you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your diagnosis and treatment plan, including participation in sports and other activities.

Please make sure that you ask these during your appointment as Cris is unfortunately too busy to return calls or answer emails.

We can arrange telephone or video consultations; our administration team would be happy to explain how they work and book these for you.  Please note that we prefer to use WhatsApp for video consultations as the call quality and end-to-end encryption seem optimal.

Spreadsheets and videos: Cris is happy to discuss/review your data during your appointment.  It works best if you know how to play back video on your device, and have an understanding of the key points that you wish to discuss from your spreadsheet, for example, your training load or running volume.  You may want to book a longer appointment if you wish to do this – our team can help with this too.



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