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Tennis Elbow Treatment – Physiotherapists in Cambridge

Do you have pain on the outside of your elbow? Is it worse when you pick up or grip an object? If so, you may be suffering from tennis elbow – even if you haven’t played tennis!

This painful condition usually occurs when we lift a heavy object, often repetitively, but sometimes just once can be enough. This causes a disruption to the tendon fibres and can make even ordinary daily activities painful.

It is usually treated with rest or avoidance of painful activities and exercises to improve the health of the tendon. When it is particularly painful a tennis elbow brace may provide relief when fitted properly by a physiotherapist.

Focused extracorporeal shockwave therapy provides pain relief, and helps the tendon to recover quicker than ultrasound treatment.

If you think you have tennis elbow, please make an appointment so that we can assess you, confirm the diagnosis, and together develop a treatment plan to get you out of pain, and back on the court or doing any activities that you have been unable to perform.

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