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I am a chartered physiotherapist with 18 years of clinical experience, specialising in sports and musculoskeletal injuries, sports performance and golf.


I have worked in the health service as an advanced level practitioner, as well as in private healthcare; approximately half of my career has been spent in elite and professional sport. Over this time I have come to understand that the principles underlying sports physiotherapy, and performance generally, can be applied to anyone, whatever their current level of activity.

When I see new patients the first thing I do is analyse your complete history, especially focussing on your physical activities, past and present, whatever they may be. Next, I look at how you perform basic movements, moving up in complexity, depending on the context and goals that you wish to achieve. These might be completing your first Park Run, completing your first Ironman triathlon, having a safe first skiing trip, or managing the stairs without pain.

Once I’ve identified any impairments in strength, control or flexibility, I will design a specific rehabilitation programme to address these, so that you can achieve your personal goals. If you would like to get-off the treadmill of recurrent injury and under-performance, to enjoy the simple pleasure of moving without pain, please get in touch.

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Our team are here to help you. Our phone lines are open from 9am to 4pm Monday to Thursday. This means you can speak to us during these hours, if we are busy you can leave us a message, we will call you back. You can email us or book an appointment online at any time. If you are a new patient you will need to register with us by phone before you can book online.

Cris Kellett


Consultant Physiotherapist

Jo Kellett


Practice Manager


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BSC (Hons) Physiotherapy: 1st Class - Brunel University

Research: Breathing Techniques in the Management of Asthma - Scholarly paper

MSc Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy - UCL

Research: Does task performance, and task observation, modulate the amplitude of evoked heteronymous reflexes in infraspinatus and posterior deltoid?

Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Sport and Exercise Medicine - Gold Honours

I have worked with representative athletes and teams from the following sports:


The Beechwood Practice
41 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1NT

Call: 01487 479 179 | 07776 818 896

Email: admin@criskellett.com


Progress: The Cambridge Centre for Health & Performance
Conqueror House, Vision Park, Cambridge CB24 9ZR

Call: 01487 479 179 | 07776 818 896

Email: admin@criskellett.com

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