For people with more ambitious goals, once we have corrected the underlying movement dysfunctions, we would commence with a reconditioning programme to ensure you are prepared to deal with the physical and physiological demands of your chosen activity.

As this often takes us literally into the arena of sport, it’s important that I liaise with your technical coach, strength and conditioning coach, soft-tissue therapist, or anyone who is involved in your performance.

If your goal is “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (the Olympic motto means “Faster, Higher, Stronger”) then contact me to discuss your particular requirements.

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About this service…

Helping you to achieve your goals. Perform at your best, be your best.


Improve your movement skills.


Manage your training load.


Improve your speed.


Improve your strength.

Less injury

Improve your durability / resistance to injury.


Achieve your goals.

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